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Melara & Asociados is a Law Firm located in the Republic of El Salvador and it has experience at a national and international level. This permits us to offer all our clients an efficient and responsible legal service with high quality standards in a custom-made and direct manner to individuals and corporations within our country and abroad. Our Law Firm has specialized professionals, highly qualified and experienced in the conduction of the requested issues always keeping a direct relationship with our clients, with a high degree of responsibility, ethics and professionalism, which make a great difference. In order to keep the updating of our knowledge as Lawyers in the international and Salvadoran environment, a great amount of our professional growth has been achieved through the continuous studies and research of laws, doctrines and jurisprudence, both Salvadorans and foreign, contributing to our prestige for always keeping a leading position in national and international law.

Melara & Asociados offers services in the different branches of Law such as::

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    Corporative Law

    We advise our clients in the corporative matters necessary for their performance. Our ample knowledge of the juridical order makes the Firm able to advise our clients on the best manner to organize and operate to successfully achieve their business goals within the applicable rules and under the changing conditions of the environment.

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    We have ample experience in lawsuits of every nature, some of which have been solved at the highest judicial instances of all kinds and with great success.

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    We have experts dealing with the registry and protection of trademarks, patents, logos, commercial brands, industrial designs and invention patents, handling also the representation of our clients in lawsuits arising in relation to the protection of such Copyrights, Industrial Rights and others related.


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    Competition Law

    We have conducted important processes, penalizing and approval of concentrations before the Superintendence of Competition. Our Firm acknowledges the principles that the national and other foreign legislations as well as the jurisprudence have made relevant in recent years and has the ability to focus on the performance of operations and new businesses according to law without been determined as prohibited practices by the competition laws.

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    Energy and Telecommunications

    Our Lawyers are unique in the country as specialists in said matters, qualified by European universities, and who have also had the opportunity to offer advisory at the level of the regulatory entity and of the main electricity and telecommunication operators. Our experience has made us trustworthy by operators at a worldwide level.

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    Our Firm has Lawyers experienced in arbitration. This is a novel area of law permitting corporations to avoid long procedures before courts of law, which are expensive and sometimes not reliable. The Lawyers of Melara & Asociados are qualified as arbiters by the Center of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador.



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    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Due to the needs arising from the new globalized economy, we have specialized to offer advisory and representation in merging, acquisition and strategic alliance processes to help and anticipate every legal consequence that may arise from this type of negotiations.

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    Administrative Law

    Our staff of Lawyers is specialized in Administrative Law and they are able to handle the respective remedies according to law in view of a negative action of the State, as well as all such processes to obtain licenses, permits and others to carry transactions and commercial businesses.

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    Constitutional Law

    The violation of the fundamental rights provided in the fundamental law gives rise to a series of actions belonging to the particular individual to protect its interests and constitutional rights. Our Firm has Constitutional Lawyers, who with knowledge of the basic facts are qualified to protect the rights arising from the Constitution.

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    Stock Market Law

    We have ample experience in the public issuance and transactions in the stock market, entitlements, etc, covering all areas of the regulation.

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    Banking and Finance

    In the banking and financial sector, we offer an ample variety of services that meet the legal requirements of those interested in organizing corporations to operate in the financial sector, as well as establishing relationships with banks and other corporations of the sector, both local and international. Therefore, we are able to offer all kinds of legal advisory and information referred to banking ruling in effect in El Salvador and in the Central American region.

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    Fiscal Law

    We have a team of expert Lawyers for fiscal issues, which is qualified to clarify doubts the clients may have on fiscal matters and to make fiscal strategic plans.

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    Insurance and Reinsurance

    In our staff we have Lawyers in the area of Insurance and Reinsurance to advice and represent both, the insurers and the insured in the exercise of their rights. Our experience covers every branch of the activity of insurance of damage to property as well as claims arising from the rights provided in the policies carried.

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